The Conference

This was not the first conference I visited, but so far - the best one. Partially, due to variety of content, partially - due to presence of people that are that good in topics I am interested in. The talk quality, as always, varied greatly, but overall impression was “This event was designed for me.” So, expectations fulfilled by about 120%.

The program was huge. The first three days were packed with talks as ContainerCon, CloudOpen, Open Community Conference, Embedded Linux Conference and a few other summits were happening in parallel:

Topped with evening receptions for attendees those made me crawl to bed exhausted but excited about what would happen tomorrow.

The last two days, Thursday and Friday I reserved for Diversity and Empowerment Summit and Tracing Summit respectively which were somewhat less exhausting but nonetheless interesting and important to visit.

Big Topics

Topics around Connected Cars, IoT and Edge Computing are getting ever more traction. Seamless (micro)services transition from “The Cloud” to “The Edge”, with attempts to create common paradigms for deployment and management for both.

Tolling allowing Ubiquitous Automation and Everything-As-Code Paradigm (including infrastructure, networks, and continuous integration and deployment). Building, deploying, verifying and updating complex systems with ease, accelerating the development.

Performance of Kernel, software, communication protocols. Containers as low-overhead alternative for Virtual Machines. Security, from Kernel’s resiliency against attacks all the way to container storage, execution and deployment.

Mindset around Open Source Software and contributions. Open Source creates possibilities and benefits for both companies and the community. Working directly on Open Source as a commodity, not luxury, attracting talent and contributions from all over the world. Collaboration between companies and community.

Memorable Talks

Here are only some most notable talks I visited, in chronological order (mostly). For keynotes the Tracing Summit and Embedded Linux Conference, recordings are available. For the rest - slides (see links)

Keynote: Hacking is Child’s Play, Literally! - Reuben Paul, 11 Year Old Hacker, CyberShaolin Founder - I put this talk first, as it was done by a 11 year old brilliant kid, who has presentation skills on par (or better) compared to most people I know. And, boy, 11… What did I do when I was 11?

gRPC: A Journey to 10000 Stars on Github - Jan Tattermusch, Google - It is hard and ambitious enough to build lightweight high-performance cross-platform cross-language RPC stack, and to make it Open Source, onboard contributors, manage feedback and lead the larger architectural topics together with the community is even harder. A How-to, with gRPC as an example.

Keynote: Governance and Trust – from Company Led to Community Led - Sarah Novotny - An interesting problem - “Kubernetes, by Google” - project led by a well-known leader in the industry vs. project led by a community established later. What is the difference? What are the challenges?

Using BPF in Kubernetes - Alban Crequy, Kinvolk - A little bit of insight into Linux eBPF usage scenarios when working with a Kubernetes cluster, mentioning a few interesting projects.

Using Persistent Memory to Build a High-Performance, Fully User Space File System - Krzysztof Czurylo, Intel - An interesting journey into the proof of concept of a “fully” user-space filesystem implemented for the sake of lowest overhead possible when working with persistent memory.

Keynote: The Tao of HashiCorp - Mitchell Hashimoto, Founder, HashiCorp - An excellent talk sharing the “technical core values” of Hashicorp - a set of generic architectural principles that guide development in the company. A must for those interested in leading architecture forums.

Keynote: Dirk Hohndel in a Conversation with Linus Torvalds - I guess that does not need an introduction. My first acquaintance with Linus as a public speaker and a human being. Worth watching.

No One Puts the JVM in a Container - Joerg Schad & Johannes Unterstein, Mesosphere - Journey into a set of challenges which arise when JVM is running inside a container. A good reminder for library developers to write cgroups-aware and namespace-aware code and what could go wrong if they don’t.

Connected Intelligence: Edge-Native Design for IoT Apps and Microservices Beyond the Cloud - Rishikesh Palve, TIBCO and Death of the ESB: 10 Pitfalls in the Trasition to Cloud-Native Integration - Rishikesh Palve, TIBCO - Two rather related talks given by the same presenter. How do we design, build and deploy embedded IoT applications? How do we design modern (micro)service architectures? Maybe there are similarities? Maybe more than we think?

How Linux Changes Lives - Keerthana Krishnan, Baker Hughes, A GE Company - How do you move towards your goal? How do you do it if you are unprivileged or disencouraged by your environment? How do you persist? How do you give back? A one person story, quite motivating and insightful.

Investigating and reducing latency of trading applications - A really nice hands-on talk about investigating and solving real problems in real environments when something goes wrong for seemingly no reason at all.

KUTrace: Where have all the nanoseconds gone? - Low-overhead tracing at scale, to tackle interesting problems - those that happen seemingly for no reason, that reproduce only in production and only with real system load applied.


Note on Coffee

If you’re in Prague, there’s one great coffee shop that you might like to visit - Urban Cafe. Just saying :wink:

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